WIN: for the Survival, Proliferation, and Development of our kind.

White Independent Nation is the pre-eminent exponent of conscious community building in Britain. We seek the security of our genetic inheritance and aim to provide whatever is necessary to ensure the survival, proliferation, and development of our oppressed people.


By acquistion, social influence, and the gradual remodelling of existing communities, WIN will counteract the hostile influences of a multicultural democracy. It is our duty, as one of the native tribes of Europe, to become operative in the future of our people rather than permit our racial competitors and traitors to seal our fate for all time.


If you have the vision, tenacity, and a thorough knowledge of our plight, then please reconsider your position as a passive bystander and join us in the defence and cultivation of our kinsfolk. We aim to pass on to our progeny something palpable and impart the image of a brighter future.







White Independent Nation:


We are a collection of like-minded folk, driven by a common desire to see our people survive, proliferate, and develop. We seek to reach out to the few remaining White men and women who fully understand our predicament and who sincerely want to help change our fortunes. WIN is not concerned with brow-beating over the actions of other races, ethnic groups or religions, our primary focus is our own people.


We are not conservatives, we are not even nationalists in the conventional sense; we do not seek to return to a barely fathomable halcyon age; our steps are not regressive. All of us will shortly be forced to accept that we cannot safeguard our children's future while we live beneath hostile occupation.


What we are experiencing as a people is nothing less than genocide. While Whites are not permitted to follow their own evolutionary path, they will surely perish in the centuries to come. In contrast to other races, we do not enjoy any intrinsic rights and our very existence is not considered important. Unlike the majority of our folk, we view this as the most significant issue of our age and cannot stand by while we are convinced to destroy ourselves. Our detractors call this "racism." We call it survival.


We at WIN have decided to set about the creation of something better for our children, and the more tribally-minded White people of the future we contend will protect our precious genetic inheritance. We are doing this by establishing our own conscious communities and by laying down the foundations of a parallel social structure. We will, in time, outperform and outlast this failing civilisation, which is now presided over by those who would see us cleansed from the surface of the earth.

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